I have a B.A. in Psychology (with minors in Art History and Visual Studies) from Cornell University.

I'm the daughter of an engineer and an architect, and growing up I have always been drawn (no pun intended) to the visual.

I have worked in various positions within digital e-commerce for the past 6 years, including design, production, project management, and QA. 


I enjoy people watching, sitting at cafés (preferably one with dogs), taking pictures, and generally pretending I'm in Paris. 

Here's my old Tumblr: The People Watching Booth


Sketching Prototyping Wireframing Personas Mockups Sitemaps


Sketch Invision Keynote Illustrator InDesign Photoshop Figma 

Psychology Courses I took - Cognitive Science, Social Cognition, Social Psychology, Consumer Behavior, Evolution of Human Behavior, Perception,Visual Perception, Human Perception: Application to Computer Graphics, Art, & Visual Display; Psychology & Law, Consciousness & Free Will, Statistical Methods for Social Sciences, Networks